OD is based on behavioral science concepts and its aims are to improve both the work quality life of individuals and improve the effectiveness of organizations, with a direct or indirect focusing on education. To shift the culture will be difficult. Quantum had a lot of success in the previous years of its While that is a positive point it comes with some responsibilities. However the company has a tough work schedule. This will shorten help decrease the work hours and workdays, in turn reduce the amount of stress the employers are under. Quantum Software needs to hire more staff to help with the growth of the company.

This has left the organization faced with great challenges in managing associates retention. Feather bedding practice of limited work output that leads to provide more jobs and prevent unemployment. One employee has already fallen on a table. Quantum is requiring employees to work a demanding schedule and in order to keep up with the demand, employees are rewarded with beer fest Fridays. Employees are working sixteen hours days and six days a week. Canadian Human Resource Management 10e. The last alternative to discuss in this forum is instead of having beer bashes to just give the employees every Friday afternoon off to do with what they please.

Employees from all sectors of the company come together to drink and have a great time. Haven’t found the Essay You Want?

DST is a great example of a Sluggish management organization. Lastly, by putting into place a planned change control process for future issues as Quantum grows they will be able to mitigate these types of liabilities in the future.


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The work to employee ygif is too high. The major problem is that when employees are drinking too much at a work function, they could get hurt, or even hurt someone else from the result of their actions. Benefits of effective OD are as follows: One is keeping up on staffing issues.

tgif case study quantum software

The culture of Quantum Software syudy to be one of a hectic and overwhelming work schedule as well as a fun and sooftware environment. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Seniority and hangers people who just hung around and grabbed a paycheck were the individuals rewarded.

The system in which the Human Resources Department uses is seriously affected. What is your topic? The beer fest on Fridays may have seemed to be a great idea at that time however when the company is growing at such a fast pace it is hard to keep track of what really is going on.

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TGIF Case Analysis Essay

The macro problems are as mentioned: This way people are still able to unwind, work as a team, and be responsible. An experiential approach to organization development 8th ed. By ending these TGIF events it could deeply hurt the overall morale of the company. The systems in place which lead to its success is in jeopardy.


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However the company has a tough work schedule. At the softwaer fest everyone is very informal to one another that could lead to boundaries being crossed between the management staff and employees. HR planning will ensure that right number of people is available in the organization at the right time.

Also, as mentioned within wuantum text, they may be growing too quickly. The informality of beer bust can affect the relationships between management staff as well as co-workers.

The company has grown to over employees and 95 million dollars in sales. So, how would they start sfudy implement change? Tgif Case Essay Topic: Such as keeping up on staffing cases. Therefore, the spirit and morale of Quantum will be impacted. Stan and Erin believe that the success of their company is because of the family feel they get from having the beer fest.

tgif case study quantum software

Skip to main content. Tgif Case Analysis Form. People are getting out of control and belligerent at the parties. She believes has a vested and seems to be bias interest in keeping beer bust Fridays despite the danger it lends to the institution.

tgif case study quantum software

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