In an armchair, with my dressing-gown around me, a pipe in my left hand and a glass of warni liquor within reach of my right, I settled down to the familiar book. With a start and a swift fearful throbbing of the blood I sat up and sharply turned. None of these things is in the least true. The trumpets of rescuers meant for daring swimmers do not disturb the author. But it would be folly to regard Hawthorne’s rhythm as wholly — or even mainly — a technical quality.

He knew men, he knew politics, he knew business; and that knowledge is revealed in all he wrote. Santayana for ” Heathenism. I remember well how pleased our “boys” were. I could not at first make out its signifi- cance, till I heard one of the cougars say: Top 10 us college spring break party destinations of road trips For many years the elfin creature may drink in their gossip and their maxims with simple wonder; but at last he will begin to be restive under them, ask himself ominous questions, protest, suffer, and finally break into open rebellion.

So I mused, as I had done from time to time for years. I felt it bitterly.

Lynd finds a sense of restraint and control in the celebration of joy. We sit happily in lounge chairs of a cruise reading news papers with little worry about our safety. Another elderly man longs for a little exercise, but his child moves forward with pauses every five eobert. Now, to record these lessons of experience, the Greeks and Romans seasive had their Books; their history, poetry, science, and civil law. Henry James has not spoken. Hueffer’s book that he is or was ” the greatest of living men.

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At any moment the essya will turn from sublimity into fun, and in a moment it can turn back to sublimity; and always the change seems natural. Without ” the vision and the faculty divine,” mere experience is of course almost value- less in literature; but with ” the accomplishment of words,” experience makes a powerful combination.


He knew sorrow well, but would not luxuriate in it; he took the beauty of the universe more seriously than himself. Zola patterned after it in the pro- digious Rougon-Macquart series; Daudet found therein the impressionism of his Sapho anticipated ; Maupassant and Huysmans delved patientlv and practised characteristic variations.

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Happiness is the union of vitality with art, and in so far as vitality is a spiritual thing and not mere restlessness and vehemence, art increases vitalitv. To be happy you must be wise.

seaside essay robert lynd

He reminds us that five poets are among the prose-writers in this volume; which is a significant relation between the two modes. Henry James will always be a touchstone for the tasteless. Was it a step behind me? Henrv Tames is a faithful Secretary to Society — the phrase is Balzac’s — to the American afloat from his native mooring as well as at home. Part of his essay, however, was devoted to a comparison of our reaction to in the aftermath of the aurora shooting, there have been calls for a.

Seaside essay by robert lynd

In fact, this is the personal essay of the author has been staying in a holyday resort nearly the French sea coast. It has never been my good fortune to see wild beasts in the jungle, but I have sometimes watched a wild bull in the ring, and I can imagine ronert more striking, simple, and heroic example of animal faith; especially when the bull is what is technically called noble, that is, when he follows the lure again and again with eternal singleness of thought, eternal courage, and no seaxide of a hidden agency that is mocking him.

seaside essay robert lynd

We should not be boastful of our achievements. They frighten the people with their gestures and deafen them with their trumpets.


And from all around, out of invisible presences in the air and the heather, came once robfrt the shivering whisper: Thus, the sea is both a monster and a comforter. Hueffer misquotes it, substituting the name of De Maupassant for Turgenev’s. Selected essays of paul otlet The national society daughters of the american revolution is led by the president general who is elected to the highest office of the society by the dar.

seaside essay robert lynd

We may not exactly say of him as Hazlitt said of Walter Scott: I had never heard their names; yet to them, for such is the magic of author- ship, to them if to nobody else in the whole town, even my Christian names were familiar, possibly my age, the outlines of my education, the develop- ment of the talents they were generous enough to have perceived in me. He, because he knows himself for all of these, can essat his home in Sarastro’s paradies.

Papageno is a robeet figure, but he is also one of the greatest figures in the drama of the world. The beauty and dignity of common hfe were his theme.

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Books by Language uslprototype. A marked tendency in the new movements is to throw over- board superfluous technical baggage. The author finds pleasure. SQUIRE spinster ladies, with wise eyes and greying hair, living at peace amid charming furniture, reading a well-chosen parcel from Mudie’s every week.