Modification of Subordination Provisions. Generally, all securities represented by the same global security will have the same terms. The prospectus supplement relating to specific debt securities will also describe any special considerations and any material additional tax considerations applicable to such debt securities. In addition, except as otherwise set forth in a prospectus supplement, the purpose of the sale of the subordinated debt securities will be to enlarge our capital base. We refer to those who own beneficial interests in securities that are not registered in their own names as indirect owners of those securities. Debt securities will not be considered outstanding, and therefore not eligible to vote, if we have given a notice of redemption and deposited or set aside in trust for the holders money for the payment or redemption of the debt securities. For debt securities denominated in one or more non-U.

If less than all of the securities are being redeemed, DTC will determine the amount of the interest of each direct participant to be redeemed in accordance with its then current procedures. For debt securities denominated in one or more non-U. Clearstream and Euroclear are securities clearance systems in Europe. This prospectus is a part of that Registration Statement, and it does not contain all of the information set forth in the Registration Statement. Exact name of Registrant as Specified in its charter.

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We have no control over those systems or their participants and we take no responsibility for their activities. We may issue senior or subordinated debt securities. All other enterprise level activities that were not allocated to these three business segments are reported by us under a fourth segment, Corporate Support.

Insofar as indemnification for liabilities arising from the Securities Act may be permitted to directors, officers or persons controlling the Bank pursuant to the foregoing provisions, the Bank has been informed that in the opinion of the U.

For example, if you hold an interest in a global security through Euroclear or Clearstream, when DTC is the depositary, Euroclear or Clearstream, as applicable, may require those who purchase and sell interests in that security through them to use immediately available funds and comply with other policies and procedures, including deadlines for giving instructions as to transactions that are to be effected on a particular day.

Many of our directors and executive officers, including many of the persons who signed the Registration Statement on Form F-9, of which this prospectus is a part, and some of the experts named in this document, are resident outside the United States, and a substantial portion of our assets and all or a substantial portion of the assets of such persons are located outside the United States.

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This offering is made by a Canadian issuer that is permitted, under a multijurisdictional disclosure system adopted by the United States, to prepare this prospectus in accordance with the disclosure requirements of the Province of Quebec. There must be a change in current U. As a result of these arrangements, the depositary, or its nominee, peesonal be the sole registered owner and holder of all securities represented by a global security, and investors will be permitted to own only indirect interests in a global security.


Reference to the indenture or the trustee, with respect to any debt securities, means the indenture under which those debt securities are issued and the trustee under that indenture. Thus, by owning a debt security, you are one of our unsecured creditors.

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Most changes fall into this category, except for clarifying changes and certain other changes that would not adversely affect in any material respect holders of the debt securities. For original issue discount securities, we will use the principal amount that would be due and payable on the voting date if the maturity of the debt securities were accelerated to that date because of a default.

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Because this section is a summary, it does not describe every aspect of the debt securities. Subject to limited exceptions, we and the trustee are entitled to treat the registered holder of a security as the person exclusively entitled to vote, to receive notices, to receive any interest or other payment in respect of the security and to exercise all the rights and power as an owner of the security.

There are four types of changes we can make to either indenture and the debt securities issued afvairs that indenture. Distribution payments on the securities will be made by the relevant trustee to DTC. In these cases, investors may choose to hold their securities in their own names or in street name. In the event we become insolvent, our governing legislation provides that priorities among payments of our deposit liabilities including payments in respect of the senior debt securities and payments of all of our other liabilities including payments in respect of the subordinated debt securities are to be determined in accordance with the laws governing priorities and, where applicable, by the terms of the indebtedness and liabilities.

The subordinated debt securities issued under the subordinated debt stahement will be our direct unsecured obligations constituting subordinated indebtedness for the purpose of the Bank Act Canada and will therefore rank subordinate to our deposits. In that case, the trustee may be required to resign under perdonal or more of the indentures, and we would be required to appoint a successor trustee. All Internet references in this prospectus are inactive textual references and we do not incorporate website contents into this prospectus.


The merger, amalgamation, consolidation, other combination, sale or lease of assets must not cause a default on the debt securities. We do not recognize this type of investor or any intermediary as a holder of securities and instead deal only with the depositary that holds the global security.

rbc personal statement of affairs e-form 1403

In those cases, we do not need to obtain the approval of the holder of that debt security; we need only obtain any required approvals from the holders of the affected debt securities.

We may not modify the subordination provisions of the subordinated debt indenture in a manner that would adversely affect in any material respect the outstanding subordinated debt securities of any one or more affairw without the consent of the holders of a majority of the principal amount of all affected series, voting together as one e-fkrm.

rbc personal statement of affairs e-form 1403

We may have agreements with underwriters, dealers and agents to indemnify them against certain civil liabilities. Any prospectus supplement will contain the names pegsonal the underwriters, dealers or agents, if any, together with the terms of offering, the compensation of those underwriters and the net proceeds to us.

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When we merge, amalgamate, consolidate or otherwise are combined with, or acquired by, another entity or sell or lease substantially all of our assets, the surviving, resulting or acquiring entity must be a properly organized entity and must be legally responsible for the debt securities, whether by agreement, operation e-forn law or otherwise. Province of Quebec, Canada Principal jurisdiction regulating this offering. Modification and Waiver of the Debt Securities. In order to achieve covenant defeasance, we must do the following:.

The most common manner is to adjust the sale price of the securities to prorate interest fairly between buyer and seller. That particular day, usually about two weeks in advance of the interest due date, is called the regular record date and will be stated in the personao supplement. The indentures and the debt securities will be governed by New York law, except that the subordination provisions in the subordinated debt indenture and statemebt provisions relating to the status of the senior debt securities under Canadian law in the senior debt indenture will be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario and the xffairs of Canada applicable therein.