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It has been instrumental in many key global innovations and breakthroughs, and today operates the world’s largest particle physics laboratory. This can range from simple key-value lookups, through to complex search, traversals, and aggregations across rich data structures, including embedded sub-documents and arrays. As discussed below, the required capabilities demanded by a single view project are well served by MongoDB:. Again, MongoDB consulting engineers can assist with defining the most appropriate architecture. Welcome to the final part of our single view blog series. AXA 1 Case Study.

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mongodb metlife case study

China Eastern Airlines 1 Case Study. Kustomer 1 Case Study. Foyer 1 Case Study.

It has been instrumental in many key global innovations and breakthroughs, and metlofe operates the world’s largest particle physics laboratory. However, by applying the proven methodologies, tools, and technologies, organizations can innovate faster, with lower risk and cost. As discussed earlier in the series, most single view projects start by offering a read-only view of data aggregated from the source systems.


mongodb metlife case study

The Database for Big Data Processing. TripCloud 1 Case Study.

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Aadhar is in the process of capturing demographic and biometric data of over 1. The Wall brings together data from more than 70 legacy systems and merges it into a single record.

Coinbase 2 Testimonials 2 Case Studies. Writing to the single view. Travelers 1 Case Study.

Razorfish 1 Case Study. It runs across six servers in two data centres and presently stores about 24 terabytes of data. Weblib 1 Case Study.

mongodb metlife case study

Infosys Technologies Ltd 1 Case Study. Data can be dynamically enriched with elements such as user identity, location, and last access time to add context to events, providing behavioral insights and actionable customer intelligence. Gilt Groupe 1 Testimonial 1 Case Study.

Of course, it is necessary to then implement a change data capture process that pushes writes against the single view back to the source databases.

Remember, if you want to get started right now, download the complete Step Methodology to Creating a Single View whitepaper. Continuous backup and consistent snapshots of distributed clusters allow seamless data recovery in the event of system failures or application errors.

MongoDB was selected for the project based on its flexible schema, providing the ability to ingest and store data of any structure. Designed for how we build and run applications today, it empowers organizations to be more agile and scalable.


10-Step Methodology to Creating a Single View of your Business (Part 3)

We wrap up with the single view maturity model, look at required database capabilities to support the single view, and present ,etlife selection of case studies.

Foursquare 1 Testimonial 1 Case Study. Kuaidi 1 Case Study. Bringing together disparate data into a single view is a challenging undertaking.

Apteligent 1 Case Study. Hadoop-based platforms are unable to serve the models generated from this analysis or perform ad-hoc investigative queries with the low latency demanded by real-time operational systems.

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Adobe 1 Testimonial 1 Case Study. Verity Solutions Group, Inc. Ruby on Rails Tutorial: MongoDB-based applications are part of a series of Big Data projects that MetLife is working on to transform the company and bring technology, business and customers together.