The camera mainly focused on Lola throughout the whole film as she was the main protagonist. In planning your film’s content and writing the script it’s important you are staying within the guidelines for a 15 certificate or lower. Open exercsie books Write down today’s date see heading! Year 13 Media in C5 Aim: Donnie is a student who doesn’t get along with people at school or his parents, he’s seen as a troubled child. Our focus group was talking about our three minute video and what the whole story would include. On return – watch – alternative – Best slow motion, best visual effects, hot fuzz montage.

Tuesday, 5 January Audience research focus group. Do they describe the shot using media terminology? Levi-Strauss suggested everyone thinks of the world around them in terms of binary opposites such as up and down, life and death etc. Our final key concept of this introductory unit to A Level Media is Ideology. And try editing it together.

Period 4 – Year 12 Media We will read through a case study and you need to choose your 2 choices of films and 2 platforms. Period 5 – Year 10 A Media – What 2106 an audience demographic and psychographic?

The close up shot biref the character in the top right hand corner of the poster has a scar on his face and his facial expression is sinister which shows that he is a villain. Year 10 Media in C5 Narrative theory Aim: Identify ways in which this website could have a positive impact on the institution that developed it. Remember to include what we did in lesson. We discussed all the key elements of the film and who it would promote.


Can you apply this debate to your findings? Whole class Continue from last lesson. To be able to develop the character profiles 2106 your film.

mest 2 coursework brief 2016

Binary oppositions can be used to create stereotypes and promote certain ideologies or beliefs. Thursday, 21 January Tsotsi film review.

mest 2 coursework brief 2016

Persil small and mighty advert it – headphones on and watch it. Posted by Miss Fowler Media at 4: The World Of Rbief He is a homeless salesman, struggling to financially provide for his young son who takes an unpaid internship with a broker company in order to become a successful broker.

mest 2 coursework brief 2016

As a result of this, we are going to remove certain things from the scene itself and keep only what is required to maximise the effect of what will happen to the audience. Particularly important is any changes you plan to make as a result of audience feedback.

MyMediaBuzz: November

Wednesday, 23 November Thursday 24th November – week 1. These are the big questions of A Level Media! Deadline is tomorrow for filming footage! Period 5 – Year 13 Media in C5 Coursework lesson. Is there anything they can include.

The MEST2 brief is here if you need to check the topics cpursework you can work from. The writing frame is on Jake’s email. You will investigate how audio-visual film fiction is presented across the media, primarily in broadcasting and cinema platforms, but also in newspapers and magazines, the internet and portable electronic devices. Research, plan and prepare your own case study into the power of the internet.


This effectively dissuades people from rebelling against these beliefs, and keeps a sense of stability in society. When studying a media text you may look for the dominant ideology present and question whose world view is represented and which groups have not been represented. The images that will be required for this will be a shot of the main character dressed up as a police officer formal suit but also as a member of the gang he has to join.

Thursday, 28 January Donnie Darko film review.

AS Level Media Coursework Examples

Pre-production of your film. Discuss and take notes. Our next plan is to start recording as we’ve finished all of out pre-production. The key notes from today’s lesson on ideology and binary opposition: The film has three different outcomes depending on the decisions that have been made.