College certificate should precede this certificate. If he fails to fulfill as specified in 4 , he will reappear for the Viva-Voce examination only after three months. Instead use the bold letters. This is for your information and necessary action. Opposition However, it was dropped with strong internal opposition.

Your name or email address: A senior official agreed that the software has put a serious check on blind copying, but majority of the students are still using the content from other publications unaware of the fact that it can detect not only the source but also the degree of similarity with the original version. Since similarities are inevitable with several researchers taking up similar topics, the software allows about 30 per cent similarities in the work exposed to it while comparing it with other research works. The figures, photographs and tables occuring in a chapter may be serially numbered as Fig. Tina Verma 28 March at

The dissertation shall be properly bound, using rexene of black color. Updates4uAug 8, The bound front cover should indicate in suitable embossed letter the following:. Rupeesduring Replace the user variables, i. BossAug 16, The software can trace the source and present the copied thewis in a different colour making it easy for the adjudicators to detect. Double spacing or one and half line spacing shall be provided throughout the document. Project report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Degree of B.


Includes chapters, bibliography, tesis, appendix, etc.

jntuh thesis format

Various test cases two or three for black box and white box testing. The results embodied in this project report have not been submitted to any other University or Institute for the award of any Degree or Diploma.

U of Georgia P, Feb to Sept. The editor window is shown below: Arrangement of Paragraph in a Chapter: Jntu using Turnitin software for plagiarism check.

jntuh thesis format

Hello, an amazing Information dude. The seventh page should contain an abstract of the Project report. A sample of the final layout can be seen here Installing Latex MikTex is the main package which is available for free for both windows and linux. The design part must include the following items.

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Major Project Report Guidelines: Major Project Documentation Guidelines as per JNTU-H norms

Instituted plagiarism prevention checks of research papers, doctoral theses and Master’s level dissertations emanating from JNTUH to ensure original content and promote intellectual honesty, November onwards. Sometimes, it’s unintentional but a huge number prefers to use the research outcome of others for their work.


jntuh thesis format

College of Engineering, Hyderabad, an M. He feels the culture of presenting own work has to be promoted consciously.

Jntu hyderabad phd thesis

Download The entire package can be downloaded from here. The editor I use for managing latex projects is TexStudio.

NAGJune This chapter must describe introduction about your project. The fourth page should contain a certificate signed by the guide s in the cormat format. Fresh paragraph must start with 5 spaces.

This is to certify that the project report entitled ………… being subitted by. There is no need to indicate the number for untuh first paragraph in a chapter. Pharmacy courses are here by informed that the project works of students who are studying in Rregulations, shall be checked for plagiarism by the University.