HB 64 List of tasks. The Student Loan Ombudsman would be responsible for receiving, investigating, and attempting to assist with complaints and questions about student loan borrowers. HB 64 By Focusing on Dyslexia HB 64 Vicki Campbell Testimony. The Secretary shall provide options for implementation of a uniform procedure for all schools and school districts within this state to notify parents of their right to opt out, along with a standard procedure for parents to opt out. This act will create a low-income unit by providing one unit of funding for every low-income students in grades K where the funding can be used for such purposes as providing additional teachers and paraprofessionals for classroom instruction; additional counselors, school psychologists, social workers, and intervention specialists; Response to Intervention Services; and before and after school programs providing homework assistance, and for support for English language learners.

Course Coordinator Don Clucas. An amendment would make the provisions of the bill contingent upon funding and phases in the increased funding for K-3 basic special education over 4 years. Additional funding also went to stipends for educators who obtain National Board Certification and to pilot teacher-leadership roles—which will allow teachers to receive additional compensation while continuing to stay in the classroom. Updated on July 1 st , March 8th, Author: Once developed, this act requires public schools to implement the curriculum to educate employees who are employed at schools with any of the grades pre-kindergarten through six, students in grades pre-kindergarten through six, and parents of a child in grades pre-kindergarten through six.

148th General Assembly Education Report

Given concerns about charter schools confronting financial management issues, HB Williams creates a clear charter school audit process. Expanding health care supports. Through Senate Bill 51, the State of Delaware has significantly improved educator preparation in Delaware.


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Maximum time and procedural rules are left to the discretion of the meeting body. Subject to the approval of the Dean of Engineering and Forestry.

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Also requires charter school buses to have coverage. The cost of developing curriculum is indeterminable as its unknown whether pre-existing curriculum will be used or if new, state specific curriculum will be developed. Postgraduate certificates and diplomas.

This bill establishes sexual assault policies for institutions of higher education. Past Members By Session.

A second amendment makes the bill contingent upon appropriation of funds. This bill attempts to improve the process by taking into account the size of new dwellings, and making the fee standard across each school district. The current Code language requiring mandatory reporting of misdemeanor assaults will remain unchanged under this amendment. This bill creates the Career Readiness Exploration Credit Pilot Program, providing tax credits to certain employers for hiring qualified Delaware high school students as interns.

Bill History/Action for Legislature

Currently, all regular school districts, charter schools, and vocational schools are subject to audit by the Auditor of Accounts.

Updated on July 1 st To address the concern that young people with disabilities gomework leaving school without the appropriate supports in place, SB Poore ensures that each child with a disability who has reached age 18 has an identified educational decision-maker. Study Abroad and Exchange. HB 64 Additional Letters of Support.

Course Coordinator Don Clucas.

th General Assembly Education Report | Rodel

In addition, the act requires the school districts to report annually to the Department, and the Department to report annually to hhomework Governor and General Assembly on the curriculum and its implementation. The bill takes effect so that the Auditor of Accounts shall conduct post audits for the time periods starting on or after July hb1.02, This bill establishes a permanent steering committee for the Pathways to Prosperity initiative, in order to ensure the long term sustainability and adaptability of the program.


HB 64 Presentation by Camille Booth. These funds were critical to supporting working parents and our highest need young children at the level we do today.

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Many schools already face challenges administering assessments electronically. This bill also establishes requirements of institutions of higher education for training staff and students, and for reporting of sexual assaults on campus. The Student Loan Ombudsman would be responsible for receiving, investigating, and attempting to assist with complaints and questions about student loan borrowers. The Delaware Network for Excellence in Autism is to provide training and technical assistance for Delaware state agencies, organizations and other private entities operating in Delaware who serve and support individuals and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders.

HB 64 Janey Donnelly Testimony. Such projects are to be governed by a Project Labor Agreement with the Delaware Building and Construction Trades Council to provide structure and stability and promote efficient completion. Currently the number is Search courses Year This act establishes a working group to review the assessment of those fiscal impacts. Without these funds, Delaware remains non-competitive with surrounding states who can offer more and who often hire earlier in the calendar year.