In order for candidates to capitalise on their areas of expertise, centres may make a Special Activity Submission. Sport Clubs Guidelines Update. Dragon Sport is a Sports Council for Wales initiative and is. The two activities are each assessed out of 30 marks. In Unit G candidates are assessed in one activity from one of the eleven different activity profiles.

These contexts are those identified in the National Curriculum with the addition of combat activities and safe and effective exercise activities. If only part of the work is lost and part of the work is available, further guidance. The YouTube Summer Games. The record should demonstrate ongoing involvement in officiating the activity throughout this time and include a minimum of ten sessions; a minimum of four qualified assessor evaluations of the sessions officiated. Great rating and good reviews should tell you everything you need to know about this excellent writing service. The level of success in appropriate tactical awareness will be based on performance at maximum levels.

The Polish education system, under supervision of the Ministry of National Education More information. Competence Performance Have learned the skills needed for the activity g52. Candidates will give a detailed evaluative response using appropriate technical language, in which they will discuss: Sports club Survey A review of clubs including membership, facility access, finances, challenges and opportunities Contents Executive Summary 03 Sports clubs, local communities and support 63 Introduction.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Purpose Page 3 2. Screening Questions Equity in Athletics Screening Questions Please answer these questions carefully as your responses will determine which subsequent data entry screens are appropriate for your institution.

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g452 coursework guidance

It is the responsibility of the centre to propose adaptation to an activity which must be approved by OCR before commencement of the course. Candidates are recorded taking part in performing, coaching or officiating assessment situations Evaluation, appreciation and the improvement of performance. Candidates may be moderated in the activities in which they have been assessed but may also be asked to take part in other activities coursewoek ensure viable numbers for the standardisation exercise.


Band 4 The candidate demonstrates a limited level of acquired and developed skills that show some accuracy, control and fluency under competitive pressure. Year corusework Expectations in PE Year 6 Expectations in PE Invasion Games use different techniques for passing, controlling, dribbling and shooting the ball in games apply basic principles of team play to keep possession of the ball use More information.

Centres should devise programmes that enable candidates to experience and guiance all aspects of their practical activities. There is consistent successful selection and application of a range of advanced techniques which, under competitive pressure maintain their accuracy, fluency and coursewwork.

The level of success of their basic and advanced skills will be based on the accurate replication of actions, phases and sequences.

medicinska skola krusevacOcr Pe Coursework As Level

This is to ensure that all candidates within centre courseowrk been judged against the same standards. This can be achieved by the use of numbered bibs together with a commentary or accompanying documentation. For coaching, candidates are required to complete a log book see 1. The marks for the guidnce elements should be entered on to the G Practical Activity Assessment Form and the overall mark will be automatically calculated when using the interactive Practical Activity Assessment form.

Performance assessments in seasonal activities may be submitted by the 15 May, the final coursework submission date.

Ocr English Literature Coursework Guidance Booklet – 749762

This is influenced by factors such as body weight, workout intensity, More information. Failure to coursewofk estimated entries may result in a centre receiving late notification of the moderation process or in some instances not being allocated a visiting moderator.

The marks for the separate elements should be entered on to the G Practical Activity Form. Exercise and Calories Burned Exercise and Calories Burned Below you will find a chart containing calories burned during different types of exercise and activities. These contexts are those identified in the National Curriculum with the addition of combat activities and safe and effective exercise activities.


At AS Level these activities must remain within the parameter of being from two different activity categories. The performance of a range of basic and advanced skills The selection and application of skills and tactics Physical and mental fitness The understanding and application of rules The assessment should take place in conditioned competitive situations where tasks of appropriate pitch and challenge enable candidates to demonstrate their ability in these areas and be placed in a rank order in terms courseworj ability.

Band 5 The candidate demonstrates a poor level of acquired and developed skills that show little accuracy, control and fluency under competitive pressure.

g452 coursework guidance

The overall performance in the competitive situation is very good and indicative of good levels of learning and understanding. Centres with more than six coursewor, should submit evidence of two candidates cpursework each of the top, middle and bottom points of the mark range.

These assessment phases are used in conjunction with the following assessment criteria for the tasks of appropriate pitch and challenge in authentic contexts. E Screening Questions Equity in Athletics This ensures that candidates are able to select the appropriate skills whilst also performing them repetitively and consistently as specific movements, and adapting them to suit a variety of situations.

Performers demonstrate knowledge of health and safety considerations and are able to evaluate the success of the training programmes eg circuit training.

Activities which may be difficult to evaluate in the EPIP It is recognised that some activities do not lend themselves as well to the task of conducting the EPIP as others. Log books are required for the following activities: