Pengembangan suatu kerangka kerja regulasi i. In the discussion here, it is assumed that the government will form a group to study and initially promote the development of the programme. Suatu rencana untuk mengembangkan dan Manusia memelihara basis sumber daya manusia dalam organisasi bagi Fase 3 dan fase operasional dikembangkan i. Sites identified should be ranked in order of merit. Legislation has been enacted that specifies the allowed ownership of nuclear facilities and nuclear materials. Karakterisasi situs yang detil dilengkapkan 12 Situs dan Fasilitas Pendukung ii.

By Muhammad A S Hikam. Pengetahuan mengenai langkah dan pendekatan i. International and professional interfaces are being maintained. The time frame may be longer depending upon the resources devoted to the development process. The organization should report to a high level in the government, such as the ministry of energy or industry, and should be given adequate time and funding to prepare a comprehensive report.

Financing for the first nuclear power plant can pekbatasan pursued in a number of ways. Milestone 3 — Ready to commission and operate the first nuclear power plant By the time the first fuel arrives on the selected site: The substantial completion of these actions represents attainment of the conditions for achieving the associated milestone.

Initial activities to understand the commitments involved in creating a nuclear programme and to begin development of the human expertise to manage and regulate nuclear facilities will be of prime importance to subsequent efforts to obtain financing for a nuclear power plant.

Whether the knowledge and skills are to be purchased or developed, they should fully exist. Gas Oil adalah bahan bakar jenis distilat yang digunakan untuk mesin compression ignition. While open information programmes are important, in the final analysis sustained, successful socio-political involvement will depend on the competence and credibility of the organizations and individuals responsible for the nuclear programme.

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Teknologi nuklir yang tersedia diidentifikasi iii. Along with the technical skills a strong commitment to a safety culture which instills a personal responsibility for the safety pembataean all individuals involved in the programme is necessary. Milestone 2 — Ready to invite bids for the first nuclear power plant All legislation dealing with the nuclear power programme, including the financial aspects, needs to have been developed, promulgated and in force prior to proceeding with a request for bid for the essat power plant.


In addition, it is important for a Member State to have a clear understanding of its energy needs, the potential role, appropriateness and viability of nuclear power in its long term energy plan and in the context of its national and socioeconomic development.

CDU is a schematic flow diagram of a typical crude oil distillation unit. One of the key elements for consideration is the electrical grid requirements to support deployment of a nuclear power plant.

Controlling the cost of financing will require attention to many issues.

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Milestone 1 — Ready to make a knowledgeable commitment to a nuclear programme A fundamental understanding of the requirements for a legislative framework should be developed by the government and NEPIO, and be discussed with the appropriate government institutions and agencies. There are normally two types of stakeholders: At the time, the land was covered with swamps filled with huge trees, ferns and other large leafy plants, similar to the picture above.

The greatest capital expenditures will occur during this phase, necessitating close attention by all organizations. Kemampuan saat ini bagi pengolahan, ii.

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Box Vienna, Austria fax: Establishing these conditions will bbmm the readiness of the grid to support the commissioning and operation of a nuclear power plant. Program pendidikan dan informasi masyarakat yang kuat dimulai dikembangkan 11 Keterlibatan Stakeholder ii. In this context it is important to consider the global lack of access to electricity. The back end consists of: The mention of names of specific companies or products whether or not indicated as registered does not imply any intention to infringe proprietary rights, nor should it be construed as an endorsement or recommendation on the part of the IAEA.


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On site spent fuel storage will have been constructed as part of the nuclear power plant. Bersubsiei power programmes cannot be operated in isolation.

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However, esssy time and as the staffing and experience of the regulatory body increases, it is desirable to adapt that regulation to local and cultural conditions. Costs per Kwh 3. Interfaces with support capabilities around the globe should are important. The funding of appropriate human and physical facilities development and legislative support continues, as necessary.

A supplier of a nuclear power plant, whether or not on a turn key basis, would need assurance of the existence of industrial capabilities that are adequate to support the mode of acquisition before agreeing to yield any scope of pemmbatasan to domestic industry. International Atomic Energy Agency, Milestone 1 — Ready to make a knowledgeable commitment to a nuclear programme One of the commitments to be understood by the government as it contemplates a nuclear power programme is pembatasna importance of gaining and keeping the confidence of the nation and the international community by maintaining open and timely interaction and communication regarding all aspects and activities of the programme.

The initial organization staffing may make liberal use of consulting expertise, bersubsldi it is important for the leadership to remain with the government.