Under the Companies Act we are also required to report if in our opinion certain disclosures of directors’ remuneration have not been made. Ofgem sets outs plans to rein in network profits. We have also played a full role in the development of the Single Emergency Number; a sector-wide initiative which will deliver significant benefit to our customers. The net interest expense is recognised within finance costs see note 8. This is done through installing more efficient assets in our network, particularly low loss transformers and cables and through our revenue protection unit, addressing the issue of theft. Long-term borrowings are mainly at fixed rates to provide certainty or are indexed to inflation to match the Group’s inflation-linked ‘RPI’ cash flows. We have nothing to report arising from this matter.

Legislation in the United Kingdom governing the preparation and dissemination of financial statements may differ from legislation in other jurisdictions. This is intended to reduce the incentive on utilities to put in as high a proposed base revenue as possible. Guaranteed Standards of Performance GSoP — states the minimal levels of performance regarding interruptions. Our strategy for the replacement and refurbishment of kV cable assets through the ED1 period. Performance is assessed each year and any positive or negative adjustments are fed annually into a process which will modify revenues for subsequent years. Our job is to keep electricity flowing safely to our customers’ homes and businesses, keeping the lights on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The principal accounting policies adopted in the preparation of these financial statements are set out below.

The Board considers that the three Independent Non-Executives offer an appropriate perspective, allowing for the refreshment of its Committees while allowing meaningful individual participation and effective collective decision making. According to anonymous sources quoted by Sky, bankers at Citi have been enlisted to conduct a strategic review of the business in preparation for the planned sale.

Gains and losses arising from changes businesss fair value are recognised directly in equity, electrictiy the security is disposed of or is determined to be impaired, at which time the cumulative gain or loss previously recognised in equity is included in the net profit or loss for the year.

Corporate Governance Report The news comes as Ofgem is tightening the noose on network profits for the second set of RIIO price controls, due to begin in for electricity distribution. The effective interest rate is the rate that exactly discounts estimated future cash payments through the expected life of the financial liability, or where appropriate, a shorter period.


Electricity North West reportedly up for sale

In addition to these considerations, it is important to us and to our customers that, in the long term, the shareholders and other financiers of the Company continue to receive a level of return on their investments that supports the necessity of their continued investment in the network. The prices that we charge our customers for distributing electricity are regulated by the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority which operates through Ofgem but ultimately it is our customers that fund the business.

The acquiree’s identifiable assets, liabilities and contingent liabilities that meet the conditions for recognition under IFRS 3 are recognised at their fair value at the acquisition date.

A benchmark figure for their base revenue allowed is interpolated.

We also report to the Audit Committee on disclosure matters that we identified when assessing the overall presentation of the financial statements. Ofgem comes up with a benchmark of all DNO business plans against their assessment of efficient expenditure and value for the customer. The liabilities of busness Directors in connection with that report shall be subject to the limitations and restrictions provided by such law. A detailed description of the company specific cost implications of the Electriciity urban interconnected network.

This resulted in the creation of a revaluation reserve of GBP Intangible assets under construction are not amortised.

electricity north west riio business plan

Businses Group does not undertake any obligation to update or revise these forward-looking statements, except as may be required by law or regulation.

The amendments clarify that right of offset must be legally enforceable in the event of default, bankruptcy or insolvency as well as in the normal course of business. The Committee’s responsibilities include keeping under review the composition of the Board, identifying and nominating candidates for approval by the Board to fill any vacancies and succession planning for Directors and other senior electtricity.

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The difference between the two amounts is recognised as a surplus or obligation in the Statement of Financial Position. Ofgem not only confirmed that our price cut at the start of the regulatory period was the largest riiio the sector but they also rated Electricity North West as the industry leader in the price review league table.

electricity north west riio business plan

The result of this electficity was that the audit was appropriately scoped, was well planned and executed and provided appropriate challenge across the Company. The Group applied fair value through profit or loss to the GBPm businese. Income in each year is largely fixed but will increase or decrease depending on performance against the outputs we deliver through a number of incentive mechanisms.


Employee costs incurred in implementing the capital schemes of the Group are capitalised within operational structure assets. Customers tell us they want their distribution service to be affordable, reliable and sustainable.

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Further liquidity is provided from short term deposit balances and unutilised committed borrowing facilities. If, after reassessment, the Group’s interest in the net fair value of the acquiree’s identifiable assets, liabilities and contingent liabilities exceeds the cost of the business combination, then the negative goodwill is recognised, but immediately written-off businese the Income Statement.

electricity north west riio business plan

Financial assets and financial liabilities are recognised in the Group’s Statement of Financial Position when the Group becomes a party to the contractual provisions of the instrument. The Board meets the objectives behind this requirement through its shareholder representation on the Board. The Group issues debt in the public bond markets and maintains credit ratings with a number of leading credit rating agencies. Each of the persons who are wdst Director at the date of approval of this annual report confirms that:.

The Chairman is also responsible for ensuring that all new Directors receive a tailored induction programme that reflects their experience and position as either electticity Executive or Non-Executive Director. The Board has appropriate processes in place to assess and manage any potential conflicts wets interest.

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This is clearly stated in the Terms of Reference of the Board and of its Committees. A comprehensive report of our performance against our regulatory incentives and our business plan commitments will be published later in the summer. When considering whether to continue to adopt the going concern basis in preparing the Annual Report and Consolidated Financial Statements, the Directors have taken into account a number wwst factors, including the following:.