It helps them shift the emphasis of their planning from what they should be teaching to how they should be teaching literacy. The Labour policy document Diversity and excellence: In other areas, too, it would quickly become clear that New Labour’s education policies would be little different from those of Thatcher and Major: Tuesday, April 21, Published at In addition, the centres have led to a variety of other partnership initiatives and helped to encourage more community involvement, and better communication and understanding within the community.

The introduction of work-related projects has meant that: The education it provides is planned so as to provide a stepping stone to the curriculum of primary schools to which children transfer at the age of 4 or 5. Tuesday, April 21, Published at Education in England Preliminary pages Introduction, Contents, Preface Chapter 1 Up to Beginnings Chapter 2 Renaissance and Reformation Chapter 3 Revolution Chapter 4 Restoration Chapter 5 Towards mass education Chapter 6 A state system of education Chapter 7 Secondary education for some Chapter 8 From Hadow to Spens Chapter 9 Educational reconstruction Chapter 10 Labour and the tripartite system Chapter 11 The wind of change Chapter 12 The golden age? Citations You are welcome to cite this work.

At a school’s request, a guest teacher visits and offers pupils a range of learning experiences which may also be used as preparation for work experience or study visits to companies.

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Perhaps most importantly, selection for secondary education would finally be abolished; and on this issue there were grounds for hope. Rachel, who takes part in after-school activities as well, admits to feeling tired towards the end of her working week of nearly 45 hours. Additional and more detailed technical consultation is being undertaken on: This is underpinned by a strong programme of staff development and training. Baseline assessment In Leeds, many teachers assess children in their first half term of schooling under a baseline assessment scheme developed with the LEA.


The homework we set is linked to what we do in school; it’s not something extra that’s just bolted on. She is more concerned about her year-old son Daryl.

david blunkett homework guidelines

That sets out clearly the various ways in which responses can be made. Tuesday, April 21, Published at Our opposition to academic selection at 11 has always been clear.

How can we develop an effective fast-track route to headship? Government will work in partnership with all those committed to raising standards. Such change in the character of a school could only follow a clear demonstration of support from the parents affected by such decisions Labour Party We will publish for consultation later this summer details of how the new framework will work, paving the way vavid legislation in the Autumn.

david blunkett homework guidelines

But Mr Blunkett defended the guidelines saying: In other areas, too, it would quickly become clear that New Labour’s education policies would be little different from those of Thatcher and Major: He was assigned a mentor from business and although early meetings were difficult, with perseverance and encouragement the relationship developed.

Summerhill Junior School, St.

david blunkett homework guidelines

But while we have never supported grammar schools in their exclusion of children by examination, change can come only through local agreement. This chapter sets out how we intend to provide a firm foundation for all children’s education.


Stirred by the inspection, they quickly acknowledged their responsibilities. The introduction of guideoines projects has meant that: What more can and should the Department itself do to support and challenge its partners in education? David Blunkett urges parents ‘to come on board’ 3’07”.

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The AD technique has three essential components: We also have a reading club at 8. What skills and competencies should be covered by a mandatory headship qualification and does the NPQH fulfil these requirements? The school is committed to good teaching and assessment of children’s progress. Where this evidence indicates a school is setting challenging targets and performing successfully the LEA will take no further action.

Tower Hamlets Study Support Project “Perhaps the most important thing about what our boys and girls get from study support is that it raises their aspirations to achieve what we know they are capable of achieving”.

A uniform was introduced; tough action taken to improve behaviour: The majority of secondees were engineers but included also finance, marketing and accountancy staff. Bluknett, we welcome comments on the proposed framework, in particular: In March the LEA head-hunted William Atkinson as permanent head, his existing school generously releasing him at a week’s notice.