It is an inherited disease and many cases remain undiagnosed because symptoms mimic many other gastrointestinal conditions. Gaines with protein malnutrition because she meets two of those common symptoms. This can affect how your body uses nutrients and can affect your health. What’s allowed, what’s not. We may want to increase her kcals to more a day and that would increase the protein intake to grams of protein per day. What would you recommend? This site uses cookies.

You are commenting using your Google account. Can patients with celiac disease also be lactose intolerant? Endomysium is the thin connective tissue layer that covers individual muscle fibers. Restricting gluten in the diet allows damage in the intestinal mucosa to heal. Journal of Clinical Pathology. Of the grains she consumed, all of the foods were wheat products, which is damaging to a patient with celiac disease.

AGA is Anti-Gliadin antibodies, which are part of the gluten protein found in wheat similar proteins are found in rye, barley, and oats.

How is Celiac disease related to the damage to the small intestine that the endoscopy and biopsy results indicate? I would diagnose Mrs. For complaints, use another form.

Explain the connection between the presence of antibodies and etiology of celiac disease?

celiac disease case study mrs gaines

Undernourished individuals may have a lower performing immune system, delayed wound healing, and have an increased risk of death and illness.

Her fatigue, weight loss and weakness are directly related to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. These three proteins are negative-acute phase respondents.


Case Study #9: Celiac Disease

With that said, a fat tsudy coefficient is determined by measuring the difference between ingested fat and fecal fat, and expressing that difference as a percentage. Using this method, I found her caloric requirements to be kilocalories per day Mifflin, Anemia is studdy in patients with celiac disease because of poor absorption of micronutrients, such as iron, and often have a low energy intake and thus low intake of micronutrients.

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Celiac Disease Case Study

A MCV over would indicate macrocytic anemia, which is found with Vitamin B 12 and folate deficiencies. Hands should be washed immediately after use These values may be low in patients with celiac disease because they are not absorbing or digesting protein properly Albumin, There are two types of malnutrition, protein malnutrition and protein calorie malnutrition also known as protein-energy malnutrition PEM.

Case Study 12 Celiac Disease Stusy.

celiac disease case study mrs gaines

Celiac disease damages the villi of the small intestine, which is where most nutrients are absorbed. Gluten restriction is the major component of the medical nutrition therapy for celiac disease.

This site uses cookies. What form of glutamine supplementation would you recommend? Health and Academic Achievement. Both types of malnutrition can be secondary to gastrointestinal disorders, stduy as Celiac disease.


When she is having diarrhea she should be having small frequent meals and using meal replacement shakes to replace the nutrients. She should have high fiber foods only when her diarrhea is not flaring up.

Improving patient outcomes with nutrition therapy. Gaines with a gluten free diet that is high in protein and easily digested.

Celiac Disease Case Study | Jacqueline Farralls Portfolio

Although this lab value does not indicate which protein level is low it does indicate that overall protein is low. She also needs extra protein because she has steatorrhea and these patients may need extra energy in the form of protein and complex carbohydrates. Altered GI function NC According to the Celiac Disease Foundationif a person has a family member who has a diagnosis of celiac disease they have a one in four chance of also having celiac disease.

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