I have a phone, my neighbor next to me has a phone, and you have a phone. The company is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and is supported by the Waag Society, a foundation that aims to foster experimentation with new technologies, art and culture. She intends to develop a career in international organizations in the fields of human rights and development. China and rare earth element prices have soared, close to ten-fold for some. As economic viewed as both a challenge and an opportunity for the Maghreb. High-tech companies could also be “production sources” of rare earth minerals, thus breaking the dependency from the capacitor supplying entities. Introduction I have a phone, my neighbor next to me has a phone, and you have a phone.

More broadly, what are the responsibilities of the different types of individual and collective agents such as citizens, consumers, states and corporations in today’s global digital economy? Log In Sign Up. Ultimately, though, is not the onus on companies to ensure that the danger of Coltan mining is reduced? Seay “What’s Wrong with Dodd-Frank ? Fairphone is a social enterprise that strives to develop a smartphone designed and produced with minimal harm to people and the planet. Coltan, short for Columbite-Tantalite, is found in digital high-tech devices smartphones, laptops, etc. Essentially because these states are fragile states where the state has little means to protect populations and monitor exactly what is happening on the ground.

Also the dynamics and links of the conflicts to minerals must be reassessed, as the violence in the area seems not to have been deterred since the implementation of the law.

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There are gold, tin, tantalum, niobium and many more rare minerals inside – with a multiplying factor, one that repairs these phones is essentially collecting stacks of precious, rare and pricy minerals. It includes a five-step framework that companies can use to create a responsible boood chain: They provide a fair-market price to consumers for the purchase of their old cell phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices.


The main motivation for founding Fairphone was to develop a mobile device which does not contain conflict minerals and with fair labor conditions for the workforce along the supply chain. The general public has little means to really verify these statements and assessments, nor the content of the discussions. blodo

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It is not legally binding. If you extensive reserves, most notably with the release of the Sony try to farm, soldiers are likely to seize your harvest. Inthe Hollywood political war thriller blockbuster Blood Diamond promoted public awareness of blood diamonds, or diamonds mined in African war zones and sold to rebel army groups.

Another question that could arise is that out of many existing rare conflict minerals, why the choice in this paper to focus on Coltan? Lenses with high refractive indices for spectacles, digital cameras, mobile phones, and ink jet printers.

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This new manufacturing process works in tune with people and the environment, rather than at odds with nature. The “I” used in this paper should not be seen as an opinioned personal statement.

blood coltan essay

These metals have particular electric conductivity, increase magnetic capacity, resist heat, produce vivid colors screensand enhance electrical battery performance, making them very attractive in the digital and high-tech industries.

What possible ‘solutions’ exist and are there any responsible and credible business alternatives? As such, urban mining is the process of reclaiming compounds and elements from products, buildings and waste.

Coktan took a film with Leonardo million barrel spill that remained uncapped from June to March Coltqn playing the role of a diamond-embez- In response, The Mountain Pass mine closed down inand corporations sought more profitable areas to extract minerals in countries where environmental laws and labor legislation colgan not on the agenda, such as the Essxy.

Coltan production in the eastern Congo. This precarious situation invites us to look at the issue in terms of both Part of the lack of faith in this political economy relates to a widespread economic and psychosocial needs. The Molybdenum Corporation of America became Molycorp in bought the mine. How tantalum-using industries can commit to the reconstruction of the DRC. Final Rule Dodd-Frank Act, n.


Your Phone, Coltan and the Business Case for Innovative Sustainable Alternatives

Abstract This article addresses a corporate social responsibility CSR issue bblood lies at the interaction of globalization, business, and development. In an effort to curb the flow of revenues that fuel conflict, has led to a de facto boycott on Congolese minerals given uncertainty over regulation and the impossibility of tracing certain minerals such as gold, or other minerals.

Geeks, Gamers and Child Slavery. In average, 20 to 30 minerals come into the composition of a smartphone. Nowadays, piles of discarded computers, phones, television sets, headphones, screens, and other devices are being thrown away. Over companies from seven different industries participate in the Glood today, contributing to the creation of a range of tools and resources including the Conflict-Free Smelter Program, the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template, Reasonable Country of Origin Inquiry data, and a range of guidance documents on conflict minerals sourcing.

On 22 Augustthe U. Phone companies have yet to “claim back” their phones, which carry very precious rare earth elements and are therefore real “urban” mines. Remember me on this computer.

For all its mineral wealth, the Congo has a Congo. A choice here has been made. Rethinking how we consume products and establishing thoughtful product life-cycles with transparent and traceable elements composing the end product is not wishful thinking.

But at what price?