I think everyone got a little off topic there. As soon as you do that, I will believe you. This causes cronic inflammation by itself, and not accounting for the non metabolized proteins and fats that have now entered the blood stream because of leaky gut problems. David June 18, It scares me that there are people like Fred walking among us. Are you another one of those judgemental bible thumpers?

I read through the first few chapters, thoroughly trying to absorb the process of how plants give off lectins to protect themselves against prey and how lectins can harm our gut, resulting in health problems. Please, be open minded and question scientists. My Christian experience I am a Christian pastor does not in itself validate my dietary approach although I do experience a conjunction of experience and understanding through both. Believe it or not, numerous kitchen gadgets can encourage you to eat healthier, achieve or maintain a healthy weight, and. Same thing happened with humans and other great apes; we share a common ancestor that was neither human nor a great ape, which is why we look and act similar to other apes hands, feet, lack of tail, facial expressions, intelligence levels when compared to many non-primate animals, complex emotions, etc.

It is expensive for what is in there.

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Sounds good and waiting for info…but I recall listening to a financial genius 10 years ago who kept promising and circling until I fell asleep gubdry woke up and he was still talking and never communicating. There have been many roadblocks, including money, government and popular food addictions.

Greg September 21, G is so often wrong or distorts research results so much that we certainly canNOT trust him. As an atheist, a reference to the Bible as an appeal to authority is a major turn off for me when reading an article, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, and the points gundryy author makes are very specific and make me want to do my own personal research on those points.


I SEE their eyes start to glaze over… and the wave of regret for asking me! Recently, I started using cabbage in my juice daam is always reasonably priced and easy to prep.

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And have lost 30 pounds. AZI April 13, So do we worship God or Scripture?

adam gundry thesis

We are still in the weight loss phase so we do not ada fruit right now. We do have amazing self-healing when the body is given what it needs. By the way its the first powder Ive ever taken in my life. This falling away is due to our better understanding of nature than that of our ancestors, made possible only by the advancement of science.

Another secret employed is low heat over extended period within an earthen oven. After the long introduction, pointing out his own expertise and clinically gained wisdom to speak to matters of health, and talking about the war between plants and animals what? There have been overviews.

adam gundry thesis

But, I have also had several people buy the book and follow the program with fantastic results! I felt like I had to take notes! But by general Dr. Time and our improving health will tell us mor as we go.

I frantically started thinking: I happen to disagree with many purely Biblical points, but also point out to those people who mock belief in God at least as a Causeless Cause that argument cannot resolve the issue, as the two systems Faith and Science are orthogonal no parallels, except, perhaps at the undecidable singularity of origin. You lost weight brother because you removed the overload on fast food and junk carbohydrates. However we got here, our intellect is ours to use as we may, and it seems yours is guided well.


Only among nutrition-confused Americans can you write a book to bash healthy foods and make it a best seller. Gundry however after trying it the first day I felt pain in my stomach thinking it was maybe the juice was working and it was natural.

Bill Kamenos January 31, In the past week, I saw a friend in the grocery store that told me about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and the success his wife had with it.

Dr Gundry holds the record for the most child heart transplants and the longest pig to baboon heart transplant. Gundry and so do you, everyone has an opinionhe actually spends the effort to try to justify it.

Martin February 26, Its about personal health.

The evolutionist theory never makes sense because it has no logical explanation for the beginning of life.