Then, at the appointed time, both gates are thrown open, the border troops take giant exaggerated steps towards the flag posts and stamp the ground vigorously with their boots. This first video from my own series is of the pre-celebrations that take place prior to the event officially kicking-off — the Indian ladies are really strutting their stuff. The ceremony takes place on the border between Wagah , Pakistan and Attari , India [1]. The border gates have a visitor gallery on each side, basically concrete steps created around the border main road. One infantryman stands at attention on each side of the gate.

The purpose of Wagah Border Ceremony is to formally close the border for the night and take off the National Flag. September 22, at 1: This first video from my own series is of the pre-celebrations that take place prior to the event officially kicking-off — the Indian ladies are really strutting their stuff. This page was last edited on 14 May , at The Indian part however seems to fill up more quickly so it is a good idea to be there in advance.

With free admission aside from transport the ceremony attracts enormous crowds of both locals, tourists and foreigners; however, on the Pakistani side, the crowds is a much more humble gathering.

Wagah-Attari border ceremony

The last station on the Indian side is Attari. Following India’s erection of a ft m flagpole on their side of the border in Attariin Augusta ft m flag was installed on the Wagah side. Wagya is tight, you will be searched twice. Just click any blue “Edit” link and start writing! Flag-lowering ceremony at Wagah border becomes more peaceful at Wikinews. I ended up going twice!


Wagah-Attari border ceremony – Wikipedia

People, places, things Traveling Ted TV. The finale takes places at sundown when the respective flags of each country is lowered, folded and paraded to a designated storage facility with a brief aphoristic handshake between soldiers on both borfer. Cameras are ok, but leave the camera bag at home. Wagah Contents 1 Get in 1. Water Bottles are not allowed after the checking point of entry to Wagah border. September 20, at There is a taxi stand on the Indian side of the border and you can get a taxi from there.

wagha border essay

Love the films — its my aim to see this in May next year. Porters blue coats for the Boeder, green coats for the Pakistanis can carry your belongings for Indian Rupees from the Indian side to the border or vice-versa and Pakistan Rupees from the border to Pakistan side or vice-versa.

My visit to the India-Pakistan border

Most tourists can take a taxi through their hotels for a round trip, which includes the waiting time at Wagah. There is a gate between the two countries. When wagja from Islamabad wayha, it should take at minimum 4. There are no tickets to see this event, it is free for viewing for anyone on the Indian side as of Jan The Wagah border is situated at a distance of 29 kms.


wagha border essay

By essaj this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The soldiers of this ceremony are specially appointed and trained for this auspicious ceremony. The fare for auto is Rs. The revival of the forces of democratization in Pakistan further encourages such hopes.

wagha border essay

September 20, at 5: What were the reasons behind Indo-Pakistan War and its effects? However, this is an entertainment ceremony but displayed as patriotic performance every day. September 21, at Previous Story Questions and Answers: From Lahore Station, take a bus, or taxi.

September 19, at 6: Lot of people go there just to get a feel of the ambience and food. Traditionally the flag-lowering ceremony has been a display of macho and mutual hatred by the border security forces on each side, though the animosity has been toned down in recent years. The pole in Attari is the largest in India.