Quizzes will be given once each week in discussion and the lowest of those scores is dropped. Midterm 1 up to and including 7. Find the class page here. Mutiple choice sample with solutions. Besides the normal load of homeworks, you will need to complete every week, an online assigment.

Integration techniques, the fundamental theorem of calculus, applications of integration finding areas, volumes , infinite sequences and series. It is expected that students will make every effort to take the final exam at the scheduled time. You are stronlgy encouraged to watch the lecture video before each class that you can find here. Mon-Thu, 9am – 5pm; Fri 9am – 3pm. Early transcendentals, 8th edition” by Stewart. There are no make-ups or extensions for quizzes or homework even for excused absence.

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Students have the option of purchasing the text in a variety of formats from the UCI Bookstore. Below are sample midterms and final exams that may be useful practice in preparation for course exams.

Algebra and Trigonometry Students tend to struggle with Calculus material if they have not adequately mastered Algebra and Trigonometry skills.

The course moves very quickly so it is important that you attend class each day so that you do not fall behind. There are no make-ups or extensions for quizzes or homework even for excused absence.

uci math 2b homework

A priori, we will cover chapters 5, 6, 7 and The webwork assignments alone are not sufficient preparation for the exams, you will need homeworo solve the suggested homework problems. You are expected to review the relevant sections before their lecture, including a review of the section of the text or the recommended video listed in the lecture guide and indexed in the class files below.


Such emergencies kath, but are not limited to, serious illness, death of an immediate family member, or serious accident. For the common final, please refer to the math department’s policy on udi a make-up final; such requests must be sent to the Mathematics Undergraduate Coordinator, Michael Voby Monday, November 14th in order to receive consideration. The course will follow the book “Calculus: These guides are NOT comprehensive reviews of all the material covered on the final exam.


Sample 1 midterm 1 solutions. Please consult your instructor’s syllabus and course webpage for more complete details about your particular section. Your individual instructor may assign different problems. You can homwork any other comments, notes, or thoughts you have about the course structure, course policies or anything else.

Early Transcendentals or Single-Variable Calculus: Math 2B no longer contains any questions on arc-length section 8. Tutoring Center for Math 2B.

uci math 2b homework

If you miss a class, you should get notes from a classmate. All three options come with an access code for a complete online textbook, including interactive applets, plus an online student solution manual.

Calculus : Mathematics 2A / 2B Resources

The common final for Spring will take place on Saturday, June 8th, 1: There will be no calculators, notes or other references allowed on the final exam. Quizzes will be given once each week in discussion and the lowest of those scores is dropped.


Sample 1 midterm 2.

uci math 2b homework

This means you should ignore the indicated questions on the 2B sample exams below. Individual instructors may slightly vary the content cutoff for the midterms, so be sure to attend class and review the relevant midterm material for your particular course. However, requests for a make-up final exam in writing – the form is available from the department Final Exam policy page will be homewok under the following guidelines: The first homework is due October In order to properly preprare for the exams it is recommended that you attempt to complete the assignments without a calculator given that you will not have a calculator during homewrok exams.

For the questions and answers lick the Q and A tab. Make-up for the midterm is only for documented serious reasons at my sole discretionand only if you notify me by email before the exam. Sample 2 midterm 2. A priori we will follow the syllabus proposed by the Math department Additional References: The quizzes are a benchmark to measure how well have you learned the material.