Downloading text is forbidden on this website. The poem takes a reflective journey into Mametz Wood, the final resting place of nearly Welsh soldiers who gave their lives in service to the country, and who, in return, were accused of cowardice though this accusation was later withdrawn, it soured relations between the commanding officers for quite some time. The memorial statue at Mametz Wood. Sheers’ references to dancing and singing create a contrast to the horrific image seen in the photograph, and perhaps accentuate the feeling of wasted lives. Occasionally I’ll add a bit of variety or allow time for digestion by posting a review of a museum or gallery.

Sorry, but only registered users have full access. During an era where young soldiers, swollen with their own patriotic fervour, would join the army at the urging of their parents or at the urging of their offices, there is no shortage of thankless deaths, however the allied soldiers that gave their lives in Mametz Wood were among the most enthusiastic and courageous to perish in the line of their duty. It also implies a pollution of the wood itself; the invasion of the German army acts much like a virus, turning the land where most of the Welsh soldiers knew as home into a trap and the final resting place for their own bodies. This, combined with the delicacy of the bones, shows the transcience of life in a most moving way; yes, the soldiers died in a brutal battle, however they all died together, and their unity seems to be comforting rather than saddening, at least in this stanza. People remember that others died fighting for them but individually many soldiers were not found or not identified. About Me Liz I’ll be posting reviews of my favourite eateries, most of which will be in the south of England.

Poetry for GCSE English: Mametz Wood, by Owen Sheers

A WW1 battleground is both a site of trauma and memory when buried soldiers are rediscovered. He made the visit on the occasion of the eighty-fifth anniversary of a battle that took place there in The idea of a wound also suggests that the land itself injured. Considering that most of the battlefields were accessed after long marches shows how very little the soldiers had fought eesay the war: And in an open space, the incongruously complete buildings, and factory chimneys of Waterlot farm.


If the foreign body can surface, the wound can finally begin to heal. Please choose the access option you need: At this point, it is important to note that the 38th Welsh Division was made up of young men who, while enthusiastic and courageous, were considered to be a rather poorly-trained division; much like Herbert Watts, while their heart was in the right place, their strategic planning skills were sorely missing.

The fact that these bones have been discovered after laying there for dood many years shows that the earth itself is trying to make sure that they are remembered, that their sacrifice is not in vain, and that their memories will live on in the lives of the living.

To the left, rising out of mamets smoke and mist, the dark mass of Mametz Wood, beyond it Contalmaison. In the seventh and final stanza Sheers conveys the idea that the soldiers’ skeletons appeared to be singing, but that the sound of their voices was not heard until the grave was discovered years ezsay.

This sort of closeness is the very same one that Wilfred Owen spoke so highly of in his poems. Neither mmametz bones nor the memories can be safely buried and permanently forgotten.

A little further on someone was bending over Wager and I saw Bowman crawling into the trench with his leg broken. Then ammetz bang—and the yell of the shell case as it went through us.


Mametz Wood by Owen Sheers

Rather than the living plucking mamettz wilfully from the grave, maetz earth itself gives them up to scrutiny, and in this way, it seems as though a rebirth of their identities. Even though some of the images created are of death, here you could also see hope in the words. His visit to the battlefield and the photograph of the war grave both obviously had a profound effect on Owen Sheers.

We got to our position, in a sort of little hollow, and the ordered confusion of getting into action was at its height when with a shriek and a crash a shell burst some 20 yards behind us. Izzy Wheatland 24 February at Notify me of new posts via email.

mametz wood essay

Place is intimately connected with memory: Eventually, the soldiers were uncovered; so too would graver things be uncovered. We have received your request for getting a sample. You can get this essay on your email.

‘Mametz Wood’ by Owen Sheers (Poetry Analysis, GCSE)

Nearer the remains of Montaubon and Trones Wood. It is perhaps the first foreboding image of the poem itself. Anonymous 18 September at This site uses cookies.

You are commenting using your Google account. The great valley was already nearly ploughed from end to end and here and there whizz-bangs were bursting. Newer Post Older Esway Home. The third if from the same place some hours later, when we looked down into hell on our left.

mametz wood essay

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