Moreover, the valley was an area of outstanding natural beauty so flooding it might have inhibited this; however it could be said that the creation of a lake enhanced it; c reating a scenic body of water well suited to ospreys, for instance. The location was chosen as it would be able to serve more than one purpose, e. People visit the reservoir for water sports and for the beautiful scenery that has been created around the lake. Planned in the late ‘s Project started in Opened in Why?:. The demand for water was not as high as people had anticipated. New water future flows from engineering’s past

Also, fewer pebbles travel downstream, which impacts on habitats. The USA, Hope they help! Help me revise water on the land. Temperature – increased temperature means increased kinetic energy. The chemical and steel industry created a high demand for water.

Make sure you can name specific locations and use facts and figures to prove to the examiner that you know your case study Concentration gradient – the bigger the difference between the concentration inside the cell and outside the cell, the faster the rate of movement.

LEDC water – Tanzania.

kielder water case study igcse

Farmland and many habitats were lost when the land behind the dam flooded. Newer Post Dater Post Home. Kielder water supplies mostly the North-East of England.

kielder water case study igcse

By the construction of the artificial lake, the main environmental issues would probably come from the actual process of digging out and lining the reservoir — due to logistics. Osmosis – movement of water from a dilute solution to a more concentrated solution across the partially permeable membrane. Power stations sudy Nuclear, Dungeness.


Kielder Water Case Study

Planned in the late ‘s Project started in Opened in Why?:. Help me revise water on the land.

Water is released directly into the River North Tyne; from the River Tyne at Riding Mill it is pumped through a tunnel under the high land between river valleys. Feel free to message me if you want notes or help on anything specific or just any general questions – my ask box is always open! This lead to the opening of a Samsung factory in Teessisde which lead to other companies to build in the area.

Kielder water supplements the River Derwent flow when the reservoir is low and fed into the pipe distribution system. The demand for water was not as high as people had anticipated. A worthwhile investment and believe it will be beneficial of the future.

Kielder Water Case Study – Revision Notes in GCSE Geography

A remote valley was lost. All of these transfers fit together to form a cycle which usually starts and ends in the sea. Electricity is generated through hydroelectric power Sttudy at the dam. For humans, there were only 58 families that dwelled in the valley so re-housing was neither drastic nor difficult.

Case Study Kielder Water – Mindmap in GCSE Geography

The reservoir has reduced water insecurity in the north east. Half a million trees were cut down. Large deposits of boulders, sand and clay were found locally so quarries around the country would not have to be involved.


Kielder water supplies cawe to Yorkshire. Here is a link to it. Surface area to volume ratio – l arger surface area means there are more surfaces for molecules to diffuse through, thus increases the rate of movement. AQA A watre for water on the land which focuses on how water use can be managed and the case study of the kielder dam.

How can UK water supplies be managed? Kielder water is located in Northumberland, close to the Scottish border It is located in the North East of England This included flooding the River North Tyne valley Few people lived in the valley, few families needed to be rehoused Most of the land was poor-quality farmland, remote from markets in the lower Tyne valley When:.

There are watef benefits than disadvantages.

kielder water case study igcse

Some were upset because of the loss of woodland. This means that it receives more rain than igce to the east, which lie in the rain shadow.

Why do people live in hazardous areas? There are more benefits than disadvantages.