We will do this to explore how they may need to change and integrate to create a modern and professional workplace. Mind provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. These cases are assessed by doctors who are trained in assessing fitness to drive. The management of the contract will continue until 31 December DVLA has a robust enforcement regime in place and together with the police and local authorities, we will continue to enforce against those who do not pay their vehicle tax. These changes will give us the opportunity to introduce a new web-based service for tachocard users. Our strategy is to support ongoing customer compliance by making it as easy to tax as possible.

In we will continue to improve and build on our services by working with our customers and stakeholders to make sure that our services meet their needs. Strategic Rail Authority Closed organisation: We will also encourage economic growth by helping other government departments to make efficiency savings by offering our services to them at cost-effective rates. We will continue to review our policies and practices, physical estate, communications, IT and others tools. Leitch Review of Skills Closed organisation: Labour Relations Agency Closed organisation:

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The pilots will run for up to 6 months, during which time we will evaluate measures of success. Driver and Vehicle Testing Vusiness Closed organisation: The role will look to build partnerships with civic society groups and leaders.


DVLA aims to become a hub for digital motoring. In addition to this, we will be reviewing the tachocard service. The reform will also ensure that those who can afford a premium vehicle pay more. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers and the continuous achievement of this standard. Changes to the service will support increased digital take-up and remove current barriers preventing customers from using the current service. Our IT Strategy outlines the key drivers to:.

Defence Bills Agency Closed organisation: DVLA has a nusiness customer base. The Roadside Survey estimated a compliance rate of Department for Employment and Learning Closed organisation: This service will not replace the full driving licence.

We will then decide whether or not to to extend the availability of working across the agency. The Spending Review will carry hmts forward to The new system will transform the technology that supports vehicle registration services.

Loughs Agency Closed organisation: National Hjcts of Scotland Closed organisation: The charity of choice is chosen by our employees which brings a great level of collaboration and engagement activities across DVLA.

Our staff are core to the success of DVLA and delivery of our services.

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Food Safety Promotion Board Closed organisation: Customers can also use the plah to re-apply for their driving licence. Bridgwater Education Action Zone Closed organisation: Its aim is to improve organisational impact and maximise performance through building more autonomy and accountability into the employee and employer relationship.

We will continue to review our policies and practices, physical estate, communications, IT and others tools. What were you doing? This makes it easier to manage responsibilities within and outside of work and to create a better work life balance. Our technology transformation agenda goes beyond improving the services we offer to our customers. Our registers provide crucial service to a wide range of customers, in both the public and private sectors.


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Department of Inland Revenue Closed organisation: Audit Commission Audit Commission Closed organisation: In we will continue to work on recruiting and retaining the people we need, adopting flexible approaches to attracting different professions, generations and diversity groups and promoting DVLA as a great place to work. Polytechnics and Colleges Funding Council Closed organisation: DVLA is piloting new flexible working conditions, compatible with the needs of a modern workplace and workforce.

hmcts business plan 2014

This will identify opportunities where DVLA can use its assets and the skills of our employees to help areas of the community that need support. Our goal is to get the right drivers and vehicles taxed and on the road, as simply, safely and efficiently as possible.