Check first the great steps, and get down to the smaller ones afterwards. Besides, if the students are so slow, the teacher should not take up the present problem about the paral- lelepiped without having discussed before, in order to prepare the students, the analogous problem about the parallelogram. But the person who behaves the right way usually does not care to express his behavior in clear words and, possibly, he cannot express it so; our list tries to express it so. T ake the questions: Both aspects are as old as the science of mathematics itself. And as we prefer perception through two different senses, so we prefer conviction by two different proofs: The pas- sage from A to B is not only correct but has a clear- cut purpose, obvious to anybody who is familiar with the solution of quadratic equations.

Would you like to use it? When he wins her favor, he will know the ecstasy of romance, and want to commit to her for life. This point deserves the greatest care. After some experience with similar prob- lems, an intelligent student may perceive the underlying general ideas: Second, we have to see how the various items are connected, how the un- known is linked to the data, in order to obtain the idea of the solution, to make a plan. He should study carefully the example introduced in section 8, and the following examples in sections 18, 19,

Find the rate at which the surface is rising when the depth of the water is y.

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Then, we may contract the two fore- going statements into polua that applies equally to both figures: Behind the desire to solve this or that problem that confers no material advantage, there may be a deeper curiosity, a desire to understand the ways and means, the motives and procedures, of solution. You will eventually find a way in to win her heart and the success that comes from this will be worth all the solvihg, sweat, and tears. But each theorem follows from the other.


Trivia About How to Solve It: Thus we are able to infer the solution of the original problem A from the problem L which we attained as the last link in a chain of auxiliary problems.

How to Solve It: A New Aspect of Mathematical Method

Let us agree to call a side a “bounding element” of the parallelogram and a face a “bounding element” of the parallelepiped. The corre- sponding problem in the plane occurs here naturally: The mathematical experience of the student is in- complete if he never had an opportunity to solve a prob- lem invented by himself. Thus the question fails to help where help is most needed.

And as we prefer perception through two different senses, so we prefer conviction by two different proofs: The worst may happen if the student embarks upon computations or construc- tions without having understood the problem. Numerical results of mathematical problems can be tested by comparing them to observed numbers, or to a commonsense estimate of observable numbers.

Especially, it can happen that the solution of the analo- gous problem cannot be immediately used for our orig- inal problem. What are the data?

Live with Mathematics

We may convince ourselves of the correctness of a step in our reasoning either “intuitively” or “formally. Likely, it had to soolving with some teaching and presenting, as well as the interest I mustered not being totally repelled in the hoisting of what curriculum mandates must-be-learned.

Each side of the parallelogram is parallel to just one other side, and is perpendicular to the remaining sides. This suggests starting the work from the unknown.

buku problem solving polya

The third and most extensive part is a “Short Diction- ary of Heuristic”; we shall refer solviing it as the “Dictionary. Vuku Teacher’s Method of Questioning 21 have to help the student exploit his idea, start again, if possible, from a general question or suggestion contained in the list, and return again to some more special one if necessary; and so on. Each entry is a short essay on a given topic that weighs on either the nature of problem solving or the history of problem solving.


First, he remarks that the description of ;roblem coordinate axes “Ox and Oy as in 2 dimensions, Ozvertical” in Lamb’s book Me- chanics is incorrect for him, since he always worked in an armchair with his feet up!

A condition is called redundant if it contains super- fluous parts. Begin with a general question or suggestion of our list, and, if necessary, come down gradually to more specific and concrete questions or suggestions till you reach one which elicits a response in the student’s mind. Trying to help the student effectively but unobtrusively and naturally, the teacher is led to ask the same questions and to indicate the same steps again and again.

A more general problem? A special case of a problem mentioned under 2 is to find the radius of a sphere circumscribed about a cube whose edge is given. The aim of these questions is to focus the student’s attention upon the unknown. I have a much deeper understanding and appreciation for abstract math after reading this book.

buku problem solving polya

A man is able, or at least should be able, to act more intelligently. In order to group conveniently the questions and sug- gestions of our list, we shall distinguish four phases of the work.

If you have fallen out of love, Polya’s method encourages falling back in love over and over again. Example 11 “The probldm of a parallelepiped.

The com- ing of a bright idea is an experience familiar to every- body but difficult to describe and so it may be interesting to notice that a very suggestive description of it has been incidentally given by an authority as old as Aristotle.