Sometimes is needed to use combinations of techniques, like in this case we used traditional CBT techniques in combination with assertiveness skills training. Role-playing exercises in order to acquire assertiveness training skills helped him in relation to meeting new people. Coelho CM, Wallis G. Four of these cases should have been written up and assessed as case studies words. A difference score above 60 indicates a potential phobia, and a cut off score of 80 maximizes this identification rate.

His symptoms lead him to avoid finding himself in such situations, to the point that it had affected his daily life. Social anxiety disorder SAD , also known as social phobia, is one of the most common anxiety disorders. Click here to find out more. This document should be completed and signed within one month prior to your application submission. This must be completed by a professional other than your current clinical supervisor who has completed your Supervisor’s report.

Epidemiology and natural course of social fears and social phobia. Three of these cases must have been closely supervised, using live in-vivo, video, audio assessment e. As this teaching is consistent across trainees, the programme will provide you with a yearly list of the CBT relevant teaching that you have received.

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Visit the second floor of a tall building with a family member. The next three sessions were devoted to teach him assertiveness skills to learn to socialize with people more effectively. KSA Applicants caee those who do not have a relevant recognised Core Professional training or qualification.

The Every Day Self-Monitoring Scale during the 20 weeks period, showed syudy gradual reduction in self monitoring feelings of anxiety and phobias Figure 1. Cognitive behavioral therapy is huidelines effective in treating anxiety. This means that the trainee is required to evidence various aspects of their CBT training and experience.


Contemplating entry to the phobic situation usually generates anticipatory anxiety. Social phobia can be described as an anxiety disorder characterized by strong, persisting fear and avoidance of social situations. You are encouraged to use live material and the CTS-R regularly during supervision. Visit the third floor of a tall building with a family member. George however refused to take any medication and the psychiatrist referred him to the Counseling Centre.

On this programme you may accrue these hours as part of your study for assessments such as CPRs, PBLs, MRPas well as as part of locality packs and on clinical placement. Visit the third floor of a tall building alone. This should captured in your Log of Clinical Activity that forms part of your clinical assessment paperwork. Mini international neuropsychiatric interview M. It includes two subscales: This document establishes standards and criteria for the assessment of written case studies where the assessment takes place outside the regulations of an academic body.

Creating a safe and empathetic environment is important from the first therapy session.

babcp case study guidelines

He described a close relationship with both his parents guiselines when asked, he did not report any family history of psychiatric or psychological disorders or substance abuse problems.

The psychiatrist suggested to George, to better help him with his current symptoms to take selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRIs. Overview of Enhancing Eligibility whilst on the programme Additional detailed information on applying to BABCP, and guidance and documents for selecting and recording experiences gathered whilst stuey the programme, are made available to trainees on starting the programme via the online learning resource ELE. Additionally, he reported significant chest pain and muscle tension in feared situations.


When asked about his childhood, he said that he had been happy and did not report any stidy events. Journal List Health Psychol Res v. The assessment revealed maintenance of gains in terms of reduced anxiety and fear symptoms with State anxiety score: Sessions 4 to 9 were devoted to ways of challenging dysfunctional thoughts by resorting to adaptive responses. It is also important to mention that therapists need to refer to the widely accepted guidelines and recommendations for treating Social anxiety disorders and specific phobias, from widely accepted national institutes, such as the Guidelined Institute for Health and Care Excellence that covers both pharmaceutical and psychotherapeutic approaches.

Provisional Accreditation as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Get supervisor and appraiser signatures for 8 cases, if not already done. The crucial role of any therapeutic intervention, is not only to help people to acquire the techniques, but to feel comfortable to apply them daily in situations they feel discomfort.

Guidelknes the accreditors require further information during the processing of your application, you will have a six week period in which to provide it.

Case Study Marking Criteria This document establishes standards and criteria for the assessment of written case studies where the assessment takes place outside the regulations of an academic body.

babcp case study guidelines

Open in a separate window. We have specific guidelines for the case presentation here: Higher scores correspond to greater anxiety.

babcp case study guidelines